Tuesday, April 14, 2009



-branch brooches
-forsythia crowns
-buckets of grass
-no mow lawn
-best darn kite ever
-simple spring basket 
 -baby clothespin bunny 
-leather leaf cuff
-nature bracelets

-aqua scope
-ice necklaces: cool jewels
-summer dreams pillow case dress
-road trip gear for kids
-hula hoops
-newspaper party hats
-simple summer pavilion
-summer pods and bud prints
-picnic bowl cover strap
beat the heat: paddle fan # 1
beat the heat: paddle fan #2
-simplified paper bag toadstools
-fall bunting: with newspaper
-fall leaves
-gratitude reminders 
-simple nature wreath
-diy nature wreaths

-recycled advent/countdown calendar
-my snowflake tradition
-newspaper snowflake garland
-green wrapping & brown tagging
-simple gifts #1
-simple gifts #2
-simple gifts #3
-simple gifts #4
-elf slippers
-new year's confetti eggs: cascarones

-simple gifts: monogrammed napkin rings in burlap
-simple gifts: milk carton cookie houses
-simple gifts: diy gift card holders
-recycled advent countdown calendar 2009
-"snow covered" pine cones
-easy cranberry ornaments and wreaths
-edible centerpiece

balance beam
hoops and fire rings
juggling rag balls 
frosty nectars 
doily cones
circus resources


-heart flower bouquets
-button accessories: felt hearts
-newspaper heart bunting two ways
-woven hearts: modernizing a classic
-bucket of kisses
-miniature heart garland
-lavender heart on a string

-diy heart stamps for children


-an invitation to create
-newspaper party hats
-miniature bouquets
-stabile for your table
-blow paint monsters
-word rings: for beginning readers/writers
-simplified paper bag toadstools
-nature's paint brushes: an exploration
-stamping with children part 1
-stamping with children part 2: pattern design

-lavender sparkly fairy dough
-nature collections
-little weaver
-artful organization
-travel pillow
-flower peeps
embroidering with children
-simple summer pavilion
-nature crowns and cuffs
-button collecting and crafting
-simple shell activities 
-ribbon reminder pouch
-rainbow sticks
-newspaper chains #1
-newspaper chains#2
diy stamps for children
cat party! part one
cat party! part two
The Piñata-the cat

-summer dreams pillow case dress
-easy baby blanket
-elf slippers
-simple spring basket
-quick head bands
-sleep masks for all ages
-lettuce edging
-envelope purse: first aid kit and more
-child's travel pillow
-turtleneck to ruffle neck

-apron blouse
-reinvention scarf # 1
-embroidering with children
-ribbon reminder pouch
-lavender love notes
lavender heart on a string

-security envelope napkin rings
-how to cut felt circles
-monogrammed napkin rings in burlap
-no mow lawn

-vintage/industrial coffee table in under an hour
-newspaper bunting
-newspaper party hats
-kids cardboard table and chair set
-industrial toilet paper holder: barn bathroom
-cloth labels
-paper bag mailers
-coffee sack covered cork board
-freezer paper stencil tips
-before and after chair
-ladder shelves
-artful organization
-chalk board eraser
-buckets of grass
-instant recycled paper flowers
-cheesecloth curtains
-edible centerpiece

-lavender love notes
-picnic bowl cover strap

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  1. Good gracious, what a lot of links! I spent a good deal of time on this post, I can't wait to explore :)

  2. Wow...you've really been busy! What a joy it is to look back on so much inspiration. Thank you!

  3. Great list!! It's great to see some autumn stuff included as it can be a bit topsy turvy for us Kiwis reading all the spring stuff in the blogosphere atm;-)

  4. This is great, Maya! And quite impressive, too! Though I have been following your blog for quite a while, these lists have allowed me to find some great "new" stuff from before that time and has brought some other great ideas, I had already forgotten about, back to my mind!! Thanks for putting these up!
    Enjoy your spring break!!

  5. I'm glad to see that other's lists are as long as mine!!

  6. I discovered your blog today,it's really nice ..
    Have a good day

  7. What a wonderful medley of beautiful projects! I can't wait to "catch up" through the parts that I have missed.

    I hope you are enjoying a wonderful break Maya!

  8. Love this seasonal list and to see how you incorporate so many fun projects into everyday life. Inspiring!

  9. Oh fantastic - thank you for all the wonderful links. I will have to keep coming back to make sure I check them all out.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and inspiraton!

  11. Love your blog!
    Thank you for lots of great idea for my baby : )

  12. I LOVE that you organized it by season!! Sooooo helpful! :) Great website!

  13. It's nice to meet you through crescendoh.com I followed your links here and am tickled to be here!

  14. Karla Dodge, Cape Town
    Fabulous to have so many wonderful ideas to keep kids in sync with nature. I like doing life according to the seasons too.
    Thank you for sharing this with the world.
    Hope to share making a piñata with you one day.