Tuesday, March 24, 2009

barn bathroom diy

It seems high time for a little visit to the barn. I've been waiting to give a bathroom tour until all of the finishing touches were completed... we're just about there. My mother's wonderful toilet paper holder is the perfect place to start, because it's such a great little DIY. As you can guess, my mother didn't want anything traditional. She's passionate about mixing industrial design with her eclectic vintage collections. Galvanized plumbing pipes tend to be a favorite.

Handrail for front steps to the barn.

Function, minimalism, simplicity. If these qualities appeal to you, you may want to install a t.p. holder just like this. Here's all you'll need:


-3/4 inch pipe


-Attach flange to wall.
-Fit pipe, elbow and cap together.
-Screw onto flange.
-Pop on a roll of toilet paper.

How utterly simple! Now, this may not be for everyone... but you must admit it's quite ingenious! If you have any questions, ask for assistance at your local hardware shop... my mother impressed them so much that all of the hardware employees were going home to make their own pipe paper holder. Cost: about $8.

Remodelista featured just this very thing recently... right here. If you love the barn and my mother's fantastic design sense, you may enjoy checking in at Remodelista regularly... you'll be in good company... it's my mother's daily morning read.

Soon, I'll share the softer, more vintage side of the "powder room".

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  1. I love the idea! Will definitely share it with Hubby as he hates our current t.p. holders. this may be just the thing!

  2. Clever! I love rustic. This would cost a fortune at a retail store as these one of a kind things are usually custom! You're full of talent!

  3. I love using hardware in unexpected ways.

  4. I love the radiator in the bath. Ours was removed. So, so sad. The radiators and the fig tree are the best things about my house!

  5. Thanks so much for all the great ideas. You are such a wealth of redecorating knowledge.

  6. I love this - makes me wish I was coming to the barn even more.

  7. clever and beautiful as always miss maya!
    ..i can't wait to see more..(and in person too!)

  8. What a great idea! But I still need help with that delicate/industrial balance that you and your mom pull off. That would make an interesting tutorial!

  9. Love the t.p. holder--great use of materials!

  10. luvin' the hardware and your creative mind

  11. Maya you and your family are so creative!

  12. You are so darn clever, I can hardly stand it! That was brilliant!! And simple!!

  13. I love hearing about your relationship with your mother. It sounds like you're kindred spirits.

  14. Hmmmm, maybe if we had those kinds of toilet paper holders the others (who shall remain nameless) in my household would actually change the finished roll!

  15. I just stayed at the Ace Hotel, in Portland, Oregon. They had this t.p. holder in their bathroom. Very cool!

  16. That's a brilliant idea! I love the way it turned out, because it could look ugly on other color of wall.
    This one is fantastic :)



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