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My second book is a welcome companion to anyone suffering a great loss—I've created 20 inspiring craft projects to help work through grief. 
Published by Roost Books and available now!

Grief and pain are universal experiences that touch everyone at one time or another. When we grieve, most of us reach for the steady hand of loved ones. But even if we're blessed with an understanding community, a deep sense of isolation comes with tragedy. No one else stands in our shoes. Rarely is there another person who can understand just what it means to be you. 
When faced with the trauma of a sudden and unexpected ending to my marriage of sixteen years, I yearned to find something that would allow me to focus and channel my powerful flood of emotions into something I could see and touch. Knowing that busy hands can profoundly nurture the heart and quiet the mind, I began making things to wear, carry, touch, and gaze upon—beautiful and expressive objects that were simple, intentional, and most of all, meaningful. 

The result is the collection of projects here. This book offers a unique approach to mending wounds with inspiring projects that integrate hand, heart, and mind with thread, ink, and more. The projects encourage renewal and restoration during life's transitions and after deep loss. Each one offers comfort and support and is designed to have a personal impact on the maker and those around them. It's a resource for personal healing and a gift for your friend in need.


28 projects seamlessly merge 
stitching, sustainability, and resourcefulness 
with simple, clean design

Advancements in technology have increased the pace of our lives. As a response, a vibrant Do It Yourself movement has risen to reclaim age old traditions that reconnect us to slower and simpler times. A sewing renaissance has been set in motion at a time in history when economic instability and an awareness of the importance of using sustainable resources is peaking.

With this in mind, I created a guide to working with my favorite recycled materials. You’ll find linen, burlap, wool and more with details on their history, deconstruction techniques, sewing tips, and information about their environmental impact.

Reinventing everyday materials into items of beauty and utility for the modern home and family will excite new and experienced sewers alike. To add an element of personalization, I drew upon my experience leading print workshops to share easy methods for transforming gently-used fabric with paint and ink. Stenciling templates and thorough instructions are provided, as well as encouragement to invent your own designs. Stories, a favorite recipe, and nature activity are tucked between and around the projects to offer you, the reader and maker, an invitation to slow down, and create with intention.

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