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Welcome! I'm Maya- mother, artist, maker, gatherer and reinventor.  
 I make something everyday-
 food from scratch... a cozy home... my children laugh... and lemonade out of life's endless lemons.
I bet you are making some of those same things too. 

I also make functional and utilitarian objects. My designs reflect a desire to use sustainable resources woven in with inspiration from the natural world. I'm passionate about encouraging others to find their unique creative voice and gain confidence in making things with their own hands.  So I wrote a book for you! Reinvention- Sewing With Rescued Materials is available in bookstores everywhere! You can read about it here.

My second book: Hope, Make, Heal uses craft and art as medicine for the soul during life's transitions. It was published by Roost Books and at the beginning of 2016. You can read about it here.

 I live with my two children in rural Central New York. We ramble in and around our little 1850's farmhouse and the surrounding  meadows, creeks and forests. 15 years ago we moved out of the city to be closer to nature and the seasons. I am grateful for the beauty of where I live every day, and I've found sharing it with all of you only deepens my appreciation.

I invite you to  check out the MAKE button on the right hand side bar. My hope is that you'll jump in with me and have some fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did you learn to make stuff?
I grew up in a family of artists, builders, and inventors. New projects were constantly springing up around me as a child. My grandfather always said that you could make anything if you had access to a library. With the help of the Brooklyn library (1940's) he built an amazing home... it was the first solar heated house on Long Island to boot.

Can I link to one of your projects? Yes! I love when my projects are appreciated, so go right ahead and link. I just ask that you check in if you want to use more than one photo or any content. You can contact me at mayaluna{at}yahoo{dot}com. Thanks!

What kind of sewing machine do you use?
I grew up using my mother's Kenmore and later a Singer. For the last two years I've had the pleasure of sewing on a  Pfaff ClassicStyle. I use it for almost everything. I LOVE it! I also have Pfaff hobbylock 4842 serger that I'm still making friends with.

What kind of camera are you using? For the first two years of this blog, I used a Sony Cybershot 7.2. I still love its portability, but have upgraded to a Canon G11. I process my photos in iPhoto or Monkeypic if they need any cropping, etc. I also have fallen in love with my iPhone and iPad cameras.

Where do you get all of your used coffee sacks?
I purchase them from our local coffee roastery:  Gimme!

How do you wash/care for burlap?
I carefully select only the cleanest sacks and then air them on the line. The graphics that make them so distinct are not permanent and will often fade or disappear in one washing. All of my sacks are made from food-grade certified jute. Spot cleaning is recommended, but when I must wash them I do so in cold water by hand. A washing machine will make them a fuzzy mess. Trust me, I've tried.

Are you still making burlap buckets?
 I've slowed down my bucket making. I often announce it on my blog ahead of time. Creating bucket patterns was a way to encourage everyone who wanted one to try their hand at making their own. The patterns are simple enough for a beginning sewer.

Where do you buy your printing supplies?
Carving tools and ink: Blicks.
Fabric paint: Dharma Trading Co.
Fabric stamp pads: Scrapbookforever
Freezer paper: Wegman's (our grocery store), but Amazon carries it, too.

photo credit: Dave Burbank

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