Monday, October 7, 2013

baking and stewing

 Walnuts cling to their bare branches... the leaves have all but flown away. It's definitely fall around here. Although the thermometer appears to be confused by the ups and downs of these transitional day, the trees know it's October. 
So does my home: mums and pumpkins outside... baking and souping inside.  I've finally embraced the autumn... bring it on!
Yesterday was a sweet and mellow kind of Sunday, so I pulled out my slow-cooker for the first stew of the season. I tried out this recipe and know it will be on repeat as the days grow cooler. Pumpkin bread was baked (recipe), and as soon as it disappears I'll whip up my grandma's apple cake. 

Oh, that cake! I love that it has become such a favorite for many of you, too! Is your kitchen calling to you also? Here are the things you know I'll be making soon:  

-my grandma's one bowl apple cake 
-mini fall galettes: apple and pear
-apple gingerbread
-pumpkin chipotle flan

-spicy sister stew
-caramelized fall topping
-tapioca pudding 

I'm in the mood for some fresh ideas. If you have a tried and true harvest fave, please share it with all of us in the comments. I'm especially seeking your savory ones...

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  1. yes, your grandma's one bowl apple cake has been a fall staple here for many years. I've been reading your blog that long! it even made it into my friend's recipe pile to serve at the school breakfast program as muffins. It's that good. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Each fall I wind up making Julie Sahni's curried kohlrabi, green tomato and lentil soup from Classic Indian Vegetarian and Grain Cooking with the green tomatoes that are left after the first frost. SO good. I might fidget with the spices a bit, since I don't usually have everything, but feels wonderful not to waste the tomatoes.

  3. Funny you should ask as I sit here eating this stew which is by far my favorite :)
    Even though it's still "hot" in CA I am in the mood for Fall and sweating eating stew!
    -Becky C.

  4. It's finally feeling like Fall here in NC, too - love this post, Maya - thank you for the recipe ideas and I can't wait to try them !

  5. I love the flavours of Fall as well! So many great recipes, I'm in the mood for apple and pumpkin cakes, etc. right now so I think I'll give your recipes a go.
    You MUST try our seed cracker recipe....I know you will love them! If you have chia seeds throw them in too!
    ~ joey ~

  6. Our late summer/early fall CSA box almost always has collard greens, and often some sort of fresh field pea. I have been making this soup for about a year, and we LOVE it. The apple cider vinegar at the end makes it special. And if you add the chopped up collard stems with the broth there's no veggie waste.

    I want to try the apple gingerbread. Mmm.