Tuesday, December 7, 2010

(green) handmade holiday round up

handmade holiday round-up

I'm bringing out some visual cues to remind you (and me!) of projects and traditions from winter's past. A good idea is a wonderful thing to recycle. And below are some of my favorites.

Above your find some simple decor for setting the scene. Links are from left to right.
Row 1: burlap forest, snow covered pine cones, cranberry wreath
Row 2: rag wreath, newspaper snowflake garland, batting scrap wreath ornament

The following are links for simple gifts you still have plenty of time to make. Once again from left to right.
Row 1:  elf slippers, card holders, milk carton cookie houses
Row 2:  napkin rings and other security paper ideas, gift bag/boxes, leather leaf cuff
Row 3:  wrapping ideas, child's travel pillow, paper whites
Row 4:  love letter pillow, travel felt board, envelope purses
Row 5: quick personalized stationery, memory game, last minute treat bags

I have a long way to go before I'll feel a dent in my gift list, but I love the process so much that I refuse to let myself get overwhelmed. I'm also going to enlist the kids' help with a series of afternoon making sessions... starting with these stars that should prove fun for all ages. What are you making these days? Pin It


  1. Great ideas! I have been making a few things with what I have on hand. A garland for the tree made with twine and strips of my hubby's plaid shirt and a star tree topper with sheet music and hot glue. I made a simple "jingle bell" shaker for my 2 yr. old grandgirl with yarn, bells, and ribbon I had on hand.

    Thanks for sharing your seemingly never-ending list of ideas.


  2. This year's gifts are half "assembled" and half crafted, but they all take more time than money. I'm trying to go for consumable, usable gifts. DIY pretzel kits, eggnog kits, spice/herb samplers, etc.

    I love this visual-list you've posted. So helpful, especially the wrapping ideas! Thanks!

  3. wow...great ideas...cute crafts.
    Thanks for sharing.
    best wishes

  4. I love seeing so many of your winter crafts all at once! You are a wealth of creativity.... love it all!

  5. Thank you for this beautiful list :)

  6. Wonderful list and so many good ideas in one place. Thanks for sharing this.