Tuesday, April 21, 2009

barn bathroom tour

A couple of weeks ago I promised a tour of my mother's bathroom at the barn. I was waiting for one more addition... grass! Now that it's sprouted, come on in...
through the repurposed pocket door and under the filigree transoms...

to a pristine powder room flooded with natural light.

My mother, the collector, enjoys having rooms or corners of simplicity and white.
Bathroom features:

-mismatched towel hooks and stacks of white linens with vintage toys above...

-antique frame (from a summer auction) that was retrofitted with a mirror
-vintage green metal medicine cabinet
-reclaimed porcelain sink
-glass towel rods from the 1930's
-galvanized trays of oat grass

-reclaimed radiator
-vintage lace curtain with stainless steel IKEA clips

-river rocks
-antique chenille bedspread turned curtain(with IKEA clips again)
-marmoleum floors
-vintage metal first aid kit (filled with first aid supplies, of course)

The old and new seamlessly blend to give a sense of peace and light... order and comfort.
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  1. Perfect! Now if that bathroom was a handbag I would buy it! (I am on an endless hunt for the bag with the perfect greens for anyone who might not understand that)

    Anyway, this is just fabulous and love the filigree transoms, just love them!

    ya know what? You just reminded me we have some of those glass towel rods somewhere...somewhere being the key!!

  2. This is a bathroom I could
    visit again and again with
    out really "needing" to!
    Everything is so clean and
    breezy! I love it!
    Hello to you mom from all
    of us!

    Thank you!
    Rane and kids

  3. Hello to Maya's mom. Your bathroom is a serious inspiration! Every detail so carefully chosen. Maya, I have been enjoying your blog in new ways, now that we have a new home on our mind.

  4. Oh, how serene and lovely! Just lovely! That is a truly beautiful bathroom. So much character and charm. I love how so much was re-used, re-purposed, or -re-styled, to keep in the same vein of the barn. Gorgeous, Mom and Maya!!

  5. Looks so clean and neat. Does anyone use this room on a regular basis? Or is it just for decoration/show?

  6. Mmmmm...my cat would love that grass!

  7. I love the shower curtain and may have to borrow that idea for the bathroom in my new farmhouse. Thanks!

  8. coolest bathroom ever! i love the green medicine cabinet!

  9. Love this! I too like lots of white in bathrooms. I'm going to keep my eyes open for a vintage first aid case .

  10. your mother is such a talented curator of things. all of it is cool and different and nothing seems superfluous.

  11. The barn bathroom is so lovely...just as I knew it would be.

  12. Hi, I love your blog and get inspired by all your ideas. Thanks so much for all the time you put into it for all to enjoy! Since I get so many ideas from you... I just wanted to share one back.... I put the same sink in my black and white bathroom, I needed hiding space for cleaning stuff, so I used sticky velcro around the rim of the underside of the sink and sewed the other half to gathered fabric. It looks great with a skirt on it. I bet your mom could find some gorgeous vintage fabric for hers if she needs a hiding spot in the future! Happy Spring. Love your hanging jar vase idea...May day is coming up..my neighbors just might find something like that on their doors! Sherry in Seattle

  13. "hello" to your mum! Her bathroom is simple and stunning. I have bathroom envy.

  14. Ooooh, I love the bathroom. Especially the sink... mainly b/c I have the SAME ONE in my house! It was original to our home which was built in 1920. So, your mom's sink is probably close to 90 years old AND has a twin in Nova Scotia!

  15. What a perfect bathroom! I love the details and how well vintage pieces are transformed into unique bathroom accents. The filigree transoms are a beautiful way to enter into a serene bathroom. Thank you so much for sharing!