Wednesday, April 22, 2009

earth day

Happy Earth Day! This has become my traditional glorious view for the 22nd of April. Here's the shot from last year. My grandmother planted a magnolia tree outside her kitchen window long, long ago. I've done the same, and each year my little tree grows... and blooms for Earth Day!

I have a fun Earth-friendly tutorial coming up later today... until then there are loads of fun things happening on the web. Here are two of my favorites:

The Crafty Crow
has a fantastic week of crafts inspired by what's in your recycling bin... be sure to check it out!
The Long Thread is having an eco/green extravaganza! Green crafting tutorials, eco-crafts with kids, green contests and give-aways... pretty exciting stuff.

There are two new blogs I'm very happy about~
Small Magazine now has a blog for a daily dose of their goodness: Smaller.
Stephani (Blue Yonder) and Erin (Vintage Chica) have teamed up to create The Magnifying Glass: an online nature journal. They are quite a dynamic duo, and I expect it to be a wonderful and inspiring place to visit. If you stop over today, you can enter their very first give-away!

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  1. What a gorgeous magnolia! I used to live in an apartment that overlooked a magnolia that must have been 100 years old. It had white flowers that were bigger than dinner plates. Thanks for the lovely links too!

  2. Happy Earth Day my friend ! Thanks so much for all these neat links, I'll check them all later today !
    Lots of hugs your way xoxox

  3. Happy Earth Day Maya! Thanks for the lovely photos and the fantastic links! Some real good stuff!! So much to look at and to do...I want to try it all!!!

  4. Look at that! I am doing my very first GIVEAWAY too :-)
    Maya, you always give such wonderful resources!

  5. Happy Earth Day, Maya!

  6. happy earth day, maya! the magnolias are blooming here, too. it is so heartening to see some color :)

  7. Thanks for all the links - especially to Smaller. I love their work!