Monday, April 20, 2009

return of the flowers!

I love to place fresh flowers in unexpected places.
This is a mason jar attached to a barn door knob with garden twine. I tied a strip of vintage lace around the neck... just because! It's such a happy way to greet everyone that walks in the room.

Spring is so insanely exciting to me! I didn't grow up with seasons in San Francisco, and I had no idea how glorious spring truly was until I moved to the northeast. The parade of flowers and blossoms makes me absolutely giddy!

It began with our crocuses and dwarf irises and has moved onto daffodils and magnolias.

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  1. We have tulips and
    crab wood
    and cherry...there is
    a small purple flowered
    plant that might be
    violets...not sure.
    Wow I love your flowers..
    and that door idea..I am
    totally going to still it
    when the baby is older.

  2. Not much blooming but lots of green hardy perennials making an appearance. Of course mischievous critters ate all my bulbs years ago! The daffodils on the door remind me of good old fashioned "May Day" celebration. I do not have any close neighbors or friends I could sneak over to...they would see me leaving in my car!

  3. I love flowers left on door knobs or garden gates. If I had my way they would be everywhere to celebrate their arrival.

  4. I have purple Irisis too =)
    I love the flowers on the door know, such a nice surprise!

  5. This is my first full year of living in Florida, and while I never had to suffer through a hard winter like you in the North East, oh my god, how I miss Spring.

    There's no Spring here. It goes from summer to fall and back to summer.

    Where is my blooming season and the pink flowers and the pale colors? Everything is all dark green and gold here.

    Sigh. I shouldn't complain, the weather is beautiful, but there is a shocking lack of Spring.

  6. Your mason jar makes a beautiful display.

  7. I don't have a backyard, and it's not spring here... But still! I love to have fresh flowers in my house. So I buy them, or go to look for them in the parks or anywhere else. And also, the global weather change is making all the plants and trees have a second blooming, so strange. So we take advantage of them in autumn and pick flowers!
    I also have many plants in pots in the patio and terrace. My azalea is full of flowers now, also the hibiscus is blooming.

  8. Your magnolia is in bloom!! The flowers are gorgeous.

    I am noticing that the forsythia is in full bloom right at this moment, and on our weekend drive that's what we played I Spy about. It was lovely noticing the forsythia bushes--some trimmed, some wild and brambly--against different colored homes. Of course the wild brambling ones growing against dilapidated farmhouses were my favorites!

  9. Ice Stick Tulips, Lenten Roses...... The tulips will look WONDERFUL in a mason jar tied to a dorrknob in my own house! :-)
    I saw some snowdrops growing wild in a teeny unkempt cemetery out in the middle of nowhere yesterday as well as some Lily of the Valley beginning to pop up.... I LOOOVE Spring!

  10. Where I am, in Canada, we have long, harsh cold winters so spring is much anticipated. The crocuses are just starting to bloom and the tulips are well on their way too. There isn't a better time of year! Nice, happy flowers on the door too!

  11. Tulips! I LOVE the tulips!

    --Vicki K.

  12. We just planted a bare root apple tree in the yard a month ago and it's already blooming and thriving. I can't wait for it to fruit!

  13. Sweet arrangement on the door...
    I've been in the Bay Area of Ca all my life and I have no difficulties enjoying and appreciating spring. It's my very favorite season of all. But I can imagine if you are coming out of snow it may be even more of a rush for you! ;-)

  14. Sadly there is nothing blooming in my yard... yet! I'm still looking forward to greeting the flowers when they arrive.

  15. A few weeks ago I spent an afternoon driving country roads in search of daffodils - I found so few that I couldn't bear to pick them, only to take photos. Now, the fields and roadsides are abloom and I always have a jar full on my kitchen table. I love your door knob bouquet - beautiful! I love your green bed frame, too!

  16. Hi Maya
    we are heading into winter over here in Aussieland and my garden is a mishmash between natives/grasses and camellias! You've inspired me to go in seard of something pretty to pop in a vase even if it is a leafy type branch devoid of flowers!
    Really digg the vase hanging on doorknob look, so cheerfull!

  17. ahh I Love this!!! Oh I have to do this!!
    You are endlessly inspiring : D

  18. Your work is so beautiful! & the blooms are lovely too.
    I've seen your name during browsing blogs..its very unique. Finally I am here.
    Have a FUN day!

  19. My first tulip is just about ready to open and I'm so excited! I have quite a few of them so I can't wait for my tulip parade to begin.

    Your daffodil jar bouquet is so sweet! I was thinking this would be a great idea for May Day.

  20. We just planted lantana, salvia and daylilies. I've got my fingers firmly crossed that I don't kill 'em!

    Your jars would be perfect for May Day deliveries!

  21. Isn't it exciting to see all those spring flowers popping up all over? We are a long way from blooms here, but I see the tips of my iris and tulips and daffies coming up through the soil. On the prairie I have found the sagebrush buttercup and desert biscuit root so far.

    I like your posies on the door knob.


  22. nothing yet. greens are up, but no blooms yet. waiting......... :)

  23. The flowers over the door handles in mason jars are such a simple and beautiful idea. I'll be linking today...

  24. this is a great idea! and since i love both jars and flowers, i will be doing this as well...thanks!