Sunday, April 19, 2009


Wow! I feel like I've been gone for months not just a week or so. Lots has happened, yet so little got checked off my list. Well, I tend to have very lofty goals for myself, but mothering does teach you how to adjust your expectations of what really can happen in a week... a day... even a morning. The most important "to dos" did get crossed off:
playing with friends: check
playing barefoot outside: check
playing in the woods: check
playing down at the creeks: check
playing and creating at the barn: check
playing in new ten year old kinds of ways: check
playing in pajamas in the middle of the day: check

Are you noticing a common theme?

Yes, there has been a lot of playing goin' on around here!
This weekend I finally found some time to do my own special kind of playing. Getting my hands dirty! We planted pansies and violas (it's not really April until these cool climate flowers are in pots and buckets all around front and back porches of my house). We even began the process of readying the garden... we'll be planting peas in the next few days! Whoopeee!

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  1. Maya~
    Sounds like you got loads
    done! Remember they only
    stay this size for such
    a short time!
    They will grow up and
    remember that they played
    hard. And worked light.
    And loved completely.
    Love your photos.

  2. Ah yes, a great week to play! We are still about 2 weeks behind everyone as far as weather and spring happenings but getting there!

    Great little PJ day bouncer you have there!

  3. Play, play, play, what a wonderful thing that is.
    I love this post and the photographs really capture the essence of it so very well. Look at how high your daughter is bouncing and your son whittling away.
    It has returned to cooler temperatures here this week and our magnolia is no where near ready to bloom. I am really taking time to ponder this slow spring we are enjoying. Welcome back Maya, I really missed you.

  4. Maya, you are a little late in planting the peas!
    They should have been planted in early March or late February.
    (I live in a harsh environment, too. The northeast. We are due to get snow on Wednesday night.)

  5. Yes, it's getting cold this week! Brrr. But it's never too late to plant peas! I've even planted them in June! :)

  6. That post makes me want to be a little kid again. I love the jar of flowers on the door knob...ingenious! I may have to try that. I'm planting peas today too. xo

  7. I love planting and red wheelbarrows and jammies all day...

  8. How fun! It's great that you captured all those wonderful moments. :)

    I'm in love with those 2 wheelbarrows and they are red! Perfect.

  9. Wonderful playful the daughter jumping flying off the bed!

    I posted your gift to me on my blog today (April 21) if you want to come and see:

    Thanks AGAIN!!!

  10. Maya it sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time playing... and you were very kind to yourself by forgetting that 'to do' list, if only for a short while. I need to learn that lesson too!