Monday, October 5, 2015

apples: picking and baking

There's nothing quite as spectacular as picking apples on a beautiful fall day. We're so lucky to be surrounded by farms and orchards. I take advantage of our proximity with lots of little trips for a peck here and a peck there, but yesterday was autumn perfection. The sky was deep blue, the air was crisp, but the sun still kept you warm. The fragrance of ripe apples and wet grass makes every picking experience throughout the years be part of the present moment too.  As I called my over 6 ft tall son to help me reach for the high ones, I couldn't help remembering his tiny toddler hands grasped around fruit on the bottom branches. Scents do that to me… connect traditions into one continuous strand of memories. 
I've got fall baking fever and a daughter who's growing like crazy, so I'm certain these will be on this week's menu:

Happy Monday, sweet friends!
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