Tuesday, October 13, 2015

leaves and sticks

This three day weekend was a stunner! The trees were on fire and the sky was a deep blue, so wherever you happened to be there were constant ooooh and ahhhhhs. My son and I created a pretty little video as he drove down dirt roads and I pointed my camera up through the open sunroof towards the canopy of leaves above.

You can view it on histogram here.

The time I have for creativity ebbs and flows… these days I only find moments in the in-between. I'm always looking for new ways to squeeze in a little bit of the magic that happens when there are no expectations or needed outcomes. 

All of the driftwood, gathered at the lake a few weeks back, sits in a basket next to paint and brushes near my kitchen counter. My children have repeatedly caught me standing at the sink with stick and paint brush in hand. Finish the dishes. Paint a stick. Funny little routine, but it's feeding me. Nourishing that part of my soul that loves playing. These "sticks"… they seem to have something special going on. I'm guessing it's their simplicity and the happiness I find in painting them.

 I thought I'd share in case, you find that spontaneous little creative bursts fulfill you too. Sticks, stones, leaves and some paint kept near the sink- easy. Inviting (for everyone). A total win!

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  1. Cute idea! I'm inspired to find a quick craft to work on throughout the day. I think that's what I miss most about crafting post children...the feeling of a completed project. Your idea might just bring that back more often

  2. Perfect creative fix! I love sticks and I love your arty sticks.

  3. i'm completely fueled by creative bursts right now, and i'm almost on empty... the days are just so busy! i love this quick creative idea! especially the idea of doing the same thing with stones.... love :)