Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Every year of my childhood I left foggy San Francisco summers behind to live with my grandparents in New York for July- my birthday month. Fireflies, berries, fresh flowers and vegetables from their gardens, long humid days filled with swimming, reading books in the hammock and swinging on the porch swing… these are the memories I cherish most. How lucky that I get to recreate them all as an adult now living in central New York (I just wish I didn't have to suffer through the snow to make it to JULY)!

 I don't think I've ever set a goal for this month before… but this seems like a good year to do so. My desire is to run as much as I can, do as much yoga as time will allow and eat as much fresh food as I can get my hands on. By the end of the month I should be living and breathing summer's radiance. At least that's the plan. That little card above is my birthday card to myself proclaiming this promise to go for it. 

 Is there a certain time of year that you feel most vital and vibrant? My theory has always been that it's the month you were born in. As an example- my daughter certainly likes summer- but the heat wipes her out and she feels most comfortable in the depths of winter. What?! I can't understand that one, but it fits well with my thinking about how are spirit and bodies love birthday time. Happy July to all of you, too!

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  1. Sounds like lovely goals and all good with that fresh food. I am like your daughter, March baby, hate heat, love winter's winds. xox

  2. I love your bday card! I think I need to send myself a summertime card...and those feathers sure are pretty!

  3. Happy Birthday Month! I was a July baby too and I really do love July. Living on the northern plains, we have far more cold months than warm or hot months and I like it warm. You might be right about loving the month you are born in. I have two sons born in July and one granddaughter born the day after me. All the more reasons to celebrate the month! Your card and basket of fruit are beautiful.