Monday, July 6, 2015

berry fudgsicles

 These are a so easy… especially since I didn't make them! Perfect job for younger chefs. We have a local dairy that sells chocolate milk at our co-op (Hillcrest). My kids are always eyeing it longingly. Pouring it in a popsicle mold with fresh berries made me say yes this time. This is my favorite popsicle mold ever- you can get it here.
 Begin with fresh berries… it's the last week of strawberries around here so this is a great way to celebrate them.
 Then pour in a thick and rich chocolate milk. Local is nice… but I know we're lucky.
Freeze and wait… the hardest part!
So much fun food this time of year!
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  1. YUM! My grandkids would love these (and I would too).

  2. My daughter will so love this new idea.