Wednesday, July 8, 2015

down by the lake

 We went collecting driftwood, stones and feathers yesterday. This point on our lake has been my sweet spot, my sacred place and my home away from home since moving to the east coast. It's where I've watched my kids grow up, and where I go to soothe the ache of not having the ocean close by. It's the source of many treasures- some that I can gather in a basket and others that happen internally when I get quiet and look out at the expanse and into the depths of an ancient glacier filled body of water. My daughter felt it too. In a different way than the splashing and frolicking that have been part of summer's past. We talked of dreams and deep things. We laughed and painted with lake water. It was the best kind of day.
"live life like a feather"- her words
Medicine was gathered by the shore. And next week we'll share it with other intuitive and strong girls in the first session of summer camp: rock*paper*scissors.
We'll share it with you too!

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  1. Rock Paper FEATHERS not scissors!! Love her "live life like a feather." Lightly, lightly floating....