Friday, June 26, 2015

flowers… and baskets, of course!

Hello friends! Days have slipped by as I've been immersed in end of the year activities with my children. Summer vacation has finally begun, and my view (above) from over the kitchen sink gives you some idea of the lushness that envelopes us at the end of June. I love it! The wildflowers are early and abundant this year… 
My perennials are quite happy too!
So- I'm filling the house with bouquets! Probably my favorite thing about summer is gathering flowers. Maybe even more than all the fresh veggies and fruit. Which is saying a lot.
In between shuttling children and clapping hard for all of their achievements- I've been savoring some awesome sunsets...
And sewing. Of course…
These natural ones are my favorites. I say that about all of them, I know. But really. It's true. I'm also working on a very cool rope basket project just for all of you... hope to share it in a week or two. Part of it includes coming up with new shapes… and how cool are these squares?!
I've just listed the three naturals below in my shop… you can find them here.
This bucket design was one of the first to sell out at Squam… need to make more. Something very lovely about the handle being part of the same single length of rope used for the entire vessel. I'm thinking it would be perfect for holding so many things, but especially yarn or wooden toys.
It's available here.

Have a super summery weekend!

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