Friday, April 17, 2015

200 feet

I wanted to see how big 200 feet of rope could be. My diameter was 1 foot. I circled around from there for 14 inches in height. I created a slight tapering towards the top to keep it structured when I realized half way through that my tight zigzag stitch hadn't been switched back from a different project. Whoops! This meant that there was some stretch and give… not a serious "bad" thing, but not as sturdy as my previous bowls and baskets. A good lesson- I was happy that I'd only used white thread and I could easily reinforce looser areas by running it through my machine with confidence that imperfections would not take away from the beauty of it shape and overall appearance.
It looks quite handsome standing tall by my back door. That free-form stitching was also a bit fun. I love that I keep learning with these. This vessel turned out to be perfect for its intended use… to not only see what 200 ft offers, but to lovingly store/display our yoga mats so that we always feel invited to roll them out. I'm now practicing in classes three times a week (at minimum) and going for 4 days on my own. Yes- that's an every day goal! We shall see how it goes… it's a practice, after all.
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  1. Well, now you've done it! I drove into my little town today and raided the hardware store supply of cotton clothesline. Tomorrow is probably the start of my newest obsession!