Thursday, April 16, 2015

soul bowl

 The rope sewing hasn't let up… it's only increased. Holy!  Every time I meet with a friend, I stitch up a basket/bowl. They are now being shipped to loved ones far and wide. Each one carries a bit of my soul, as I can't help meditating through the spiraling process… so a soul bowl seems like a good name. A couple of the latest ones have leather, bone, wood or stone details. I'm having so much fun!
 Today I am finishing up my biggest one yet… using 200 ft. of rope. There's a peek on Instagram- right here. More tomorrow. I'm thrilled to see that I'm not alone in this fabulously satisfying new craft- Amanda has joined in with some beauties. Between the two of us, we are definitely wiping out our local hardware stores' supply of cotton laundry cord! I do hope you'll stop by your own hardware store to give it a try!

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  1. These are pretty amazing! Hardware stores across the country beware! :) I want to make these too.

  2. Thanks for your timely post. I finally bit the bullet and made some too. Now I just need to find more cotton rope in my small town.