Monday, April 20, 2015

making sunshine

My rope sewing obsession seems to be spreading!  I'm loving watching everyone's beautiful creations pop up on instagram and across the web. Amanda went gloriously wild over the weekend… go see what she's been up to. If you've been caught by this bug, I know you understand the power it has to expand your creativity. Those spirals must be potent brain boosters. My latest iteration included dyeing another 200 feet of rope in a pot of boiling turmeric broth. I only put half in the pot, which lead to the interesting variations you can see above. Turmeric is always a successful natural dye to use because the color is so darn rich and happy… like making sunshine.
After rinsing it and letting it dry overnight, I threw the entire length into my dryer to heat set it and get out the last bit of moisture. Untangling it into a tidy ball took a bit of patience, but also felt like another form of meditation. And then you're ready to roll… er sew!
 Don't the forced forsythia match perfectly? Couldn't have planned it better, since my bushes aren't even close to blossoming.
 This is my first little attempt at a lidded vessel. It was tiny and quick… now I think I'll go BIG.
This one reminds me a bit of the striped stoneware mixing bowls I bake with. I think a need some smalls for nesting.
And these?  They sunny discs might look like trivets and coaster, but they are part of a bigger project that I'm experimenting with. I just need to go dye more rope before it's done. Any guesses?
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  1. I used to make this kind of rope baskets, they are fun. Did you try wrapping scraps of fabric around the rope ? That's what I was doing a few years ago when I was making them, it's a fun way to use up scraps.

  2. Wow! Those are amazing! I love the covered bowl!! They would totally make great trivets!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful craft!

  3. Yes, I am hooked. I'm a couple of tote bags in. I was thinking about a possible rug but just the traditional round or oval. But a bunch of circles sounds way more interesting. I need one for the bathroom. I wonder if it would hold up in the wash. Maybe just use a hose and line dry. And plan on a family side and a company side. Reminds me of Great Grandma Vivian's braided rugs.

  4. When I was making a big batch of iced hibiscus tea yesterday, I started thinking about your rope projects and wondering what a hibiscus tea dyed one would be like?! :-)

  5. I love these - especially the lidded one. My kids always want baskets and bins for putting toys in and these will be perfect.

  6. I was just struck when viewing your bowls.. this is a very Van Gogh sort of yellow.