Monday, October 6, 2014

monday mandala

A great deal of time was spent at my computer this weekend. I'm working on manuscript edits and it's super easy for hours to slip by in front of the screen. I pushed my self out the door yesterday for a walk and when I returned refreshed, I sat on the slate back porch to soak in the last bit of sunshine. All around me were the final blooms of the year. I set to gathering handfuls and arranged them by flower and petal. A mandala began to form and with the quiet meditation of circling around and around came a deep focus and sense of calm. 
 Constructing nature mandalas is a wonderful way to honor a little time for creativity and artistry- either solo or as a collaboration. October is the perfect month for gathering inspiration. There are so many options as the leaves fall and the pinecones cluster under trees. There are still blooms to be had and stones to collect. I plan to dedicate some time each week to create one on my own or enlist some help from my kids. Sundays are good- and then I can share them with you the next day for a Monday Mandala. You can join in too! Just remember to snap a picture before the wind comes...
After a blustery night, all of my work blew into the corner of the garden that collects leaves and is looked over by this smiling face. A little serendipity with the Buddah and petals (but I put the blossom at his feet).

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  1. I love making these kinds of mandalas (I have mandala fever I fear!) and was inspired today to create an autumn offering:

    I hope to make more! As always, thank you for the inspiration. Love the colors in your mandala! xo

  2. what a beautiful idea! love these!!

  3. So simple, yet beautiful. I must try.