Saturday, October 11, 2014

october crush

Dear October,
I believe I have a bit of a crush on you. Your blue skies are filled with the puffiest and happiest clouds that stretch as far as the eye can see. Let's not even go into how you set the trees on fire with bursts of color. Or how beautifully you've sailed your full moon through the lengthening nights. Your frigid mornings are balanced by how much I love slipping on a down vest and donning a favorite pair of boots.
And now you're leaving acorns for me to collect... everywhere! I promise I'll save plenty for the squirrels, but I can't stop filling my pockets with them.  Something about your clear, crisp air seems to be making room in my mind for fresh ideas to emerge- and I'm gathering them like the acorns. Every year you make me fall madly in love with you, October. And that's a wonderful thing!
p.s. I have a feeling some of these caps will end up in Monday's mandala before they turn into something else.
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  1. So good to see such happiness here! Yes, I love fall, too. We're a little behind you here in Kentucky, but I'm looking forward to seeing it full-blown at Rhinebeck next week! xoxoxo