Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Hello October! As much as I hate to see summer really go, the freshness of a new season has me falling in love all over again! A walk in the woods is all it takes to bring me to my knees in awe of the beautiful ways nature cycles around and around.Whether you visit a forest or a city park, there are sure to be many gifts to see, hear, smell and touch as we move towards shorter days. Fallen treasures gather in hands and fill pockets to remind us what is still here to be held before it's blanketed in snow.
 The quality of light has changed, and the sun dances through the turning leaves in a constant state of radiance. 
Fall is glorious in these parts... I feel like I forget each year and spend September resisting and fighting the transition. October reminds me to let go... just like the winds that keep releasing our walnut leaves steadily to the ground. I wish you all a beautiful beginning to this month! 

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