Monday, September 15, 2014

Laura's Knockout Knits

I'm going from "quiet" in my last post to shout... because I'm so thrilled for Laura Nelkin! She's one of the most talented women I know- and also happens to be my dearest friend. Last week her first book, Knockout Knits, was published- and she launched it locally on Friday night with great fanfare... and a very special cake!
 It's a beautiful thing to witness someone you adore in a moment of success and triumph... and as her "official" photographer of the event, I saw the celebration both through the lens of love and also with the objectivity of documentation.
This book is a perfect example of who Laura is- inspirational, clear, funny, innovative and totally clever. We learned to knit on the same day... well, she caught on a little more quickly, as you can guess! And it's been a beautiful ride watching her grow into the sensation she is today. I still prefer my sewing machine, but Knockout Knits and the chill in the air is calling me back to my needles. The projects start out simple and accessible, with skill- building intrinsic to each pattern. From sweet boot toppers to complex lace...

With the holidays insight (shhhhh! I didn't say that!), it's nice to have a book filled with gorgeous accessories to knit up as gifts. My daughter and her best friend are campaigning for the Cha-Ching mitts on the cover. We shall see... mine does have a winter birthday coming up! Check out Laura's post today for more pics of the event... including the Cha-Ching girls!
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