Thursday, September 11, 2014


The rain came this morning. It's soft, gentle and steady. I feel the same way. I'm easing back into my rhythm. In all of my years of blogging, I've never allowed myself so much room to step back and put my focus elsewhere. This book demanded nothing less, and I'm so pleased that I gave myself permission. When we offer ourself time to concentrate our energy, rather than scatter it in the many directions pulling us, a window opens- a view is revealed that we couldn't see when we were busy responding to every email, every call, each invitation. There was unanticipated space for reflection, as I channeled my efforts in one main direction. I loved this. As busy as I have been- one focus created a built in "slowness" that had felt impossible to achieve in my typical multi-tasking days. I'm examining this right now as I paint... because next week- I will return here in my more frequent posting style. And I intend to incorporate some this feeling of ease into my blogging rhythm. We shall see... Either way- I've missed you so! Pin It

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  1. Dear Maya,
    I missed you, too. You focus on such things I should focus on, thanks for showing the way!