Friday, September 19, 2014

horsing around

When you deeply love someone, their passions have the power to take hold of you, too. I maintained my city girl status for the entire first year of my daughter's horse obsession. But something happened as we began the fall season of lessons... horses started trotting into my thoughts. I found myself doodling them in the same way that she does. And then this week in the midst of painting something for a completely different project... this lavender beast cantered onto the page.
 And the next day, my break time included this silly one:
 Obviously, this happy face has inspired me!
 So, today- I went with it. Carving an image is my favorite way to capture something I love... and a great way to get a jumpstart on holiday gifts. I foresee a lot of horse printing for December.  Here is my first horse stamp...
 She's sweet and gentle. Have a great weekend!

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  1. What a gorgeous stamp, Maya! I bet someone will be very happy with your creations. A technical question... when you use different colored stamp pads, do you wipe the stamp with something in particular between colors? I'm definitely a stamp newbie, and have not run across that info. Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank Laurie and that's a great question! I wash them off under cool water and blot them dry with a cloth. I often lay them face down on the cloth for a few minutes so water will drip out of the tiny crevices/details. I have used baby wipes fairly effectively, but prefer to just rinse. If I've left the stamps with ink on them for a while then I'll need a little soap too.

  2. Lovely! I love this stamp and the whole process of your creation.

  3. What ever you make you always make so beautiful. Though I myself consider myself a city girl (who loves the outdoors and country side) has always loved horses. I would love for some day to own one...dreams. I tease my hobby who surprised me with a school bus jeep wrangler for my 40th BDay (something I had been dreaming about for-e-ver) that for my 50th he'll surprise me with my dream horse. Of course I'll probably won't be able to ride it as freely by then. ;) For now my plan is to take riding lessons with my girl.

  4. What a gorgeous stamp and such beautiful watercolors! I'm a horse nut too am making an applique horse quilt as we speak. Thanks for the visual inspiration!

  5. what is the stamp made out of? I think my daughter would love to make her own stamps!!

  6. The horse is great!! I see many possibilities..............