Monday, April 7, 2014


 Everything feels fresh and alive. The sky is filled with swooping song birds and the earth is bursting with the first green shoots of spring bulbs. I've been begun the initial bed clearing in my garden, started drinking raw juice again and am feeling the vitality that comes from living within the seasons. I complained a lot about winter this year. I missed my sweet warm California home. But now that we've turned the corner, I'm remembering how exhilarating it is to live where the calendar leads the way with such distinction.

 Every one of my senses feels heightened, and I'm walking around with a constant smile on my face (and my iphone in hand snapping here and there!).  I'm not alone with a bounce in my step. I see it in  the energy levels of my children and our friends... and my favorite illustration of the coming of new life occurred earlier this morn!
The return of the egg! I heard the familiar satisfied squawk of a laying hen when I walked down to the coop this morning. I picked up my pace... could it be? 
We lost so many of our lovely girls last year. One hungry mama coyote was the main culprit. Between the snow and the fear of the coyote's return, we kept them in their coop all winter. It's spacious and has a southern exposure window, but the fact that they hadn't resumed laying eggs in February (chickens often stop or slow down egg production when the days are short and cold) made me feel guilty for not letting them roam. I guess all they needed was some fresh greens and grubs! 
Our first egg of the year! What a perfect way to start the week!

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  1. What joy! Great to hear the song in your voice.

    Strangely, I'm welcoming the slowing-down and cosying-up here, as we creep into Autumn and contemplate winter. I love the turn of seasons... something very hopeful about change and new beginnings...