Friday, April 4, 2014

This Book Was a Tree

I'm so happy to introduce a brand new book that's sure to inspire you to unplug and step outside. It's wonderful for nature needing folks of all ages. Hey- that's everyone! It would be a super useful companion to anyone working with children who's looking for sure fire ways to connect with nature, while educating with the science behind each project. Here's author, Marcie Chamber Cuff's, description:
“A guidebook for becoming a modern pioneer – a strong-minded, clever, crafty, spontaneous mud pie-making, fort-building individual committed to slowing down and giving the world your complete attention, questioning everyday things, and reconnecting with the wildness around you.”

Good stuff! Wouldn't you agree? Here's a sneak peek inside...

 Now that we've had 2 or 3 actual spring days, I can envision getting muddy and inspired with this book in hand. First up- we'll be making that nesting ball with all of the wild grapevines that ramble along our hedgerow. It's a perfect welcome back gift to all of our feathered friends that have returned to perform their all day orchestras once again. 

Congratulations, Marcie! This Book Was a Tree is a true gem and will be put to good use this season and beyond! This is stop #4 on a wonderful blog tour line-up. Follow along and catch other insights and peeks.

Week One:
Week Two:
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Week Three:

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  1. This looks like a fun book. I like the chapter "get outside every day"! It's a good thing to do something is always going on, no matter what the weather is like!