Wednesday, April 9, 2014

stampin' cork- simple gifts

 Do you know how beautifully cork takes to stamps and ink? Well, I didn't... what a nice surprise! They make great personal coasters and trivets. Whether you carve your own or purchase stamps- find ones that speak to you or the recipient. 
I had two broken cork place mats from Ikea. The bigger the piece,the easier it is to break it with a simple fold or bend. Both kids discovered that during the course of one meal. Whoops! That's why smaller pieced projects, like coasters, are perfect and so much sturdier for cork. I used a ruler and rotary cutter and made as many 4" squares as I could from the best part of the place mats. Then stamped away! StāzOn ink pads are recommended so that they can handle spills and be wiped clean. Teacher appreciation week is coming up, a set of these might be perfect with some other goodies...

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  1. very pretty. I love the designs of the feathers! I really like the idea of stamping cork.