Wednesday, September 11, 2013

circles of linen and silver

 I did not wake up  especially inspired today, but one look out the window and I felt a rush of something familiar... the urge. The need to create something beautiful. It was the first day since my children returned to school that I was NOT playing catch up from the summer. I have lots of projects that are about to begin, but what was really needed was time for improvisation.
 Linen, silver, spools and corks... sounded like a winning combination and soon my hands were shimmering and fibers were flying! Whether this was a warm up exercise or the beginning of something great is still yet to be discovered.
 But cutting circles and printing are definitely a form of meditation for me. A time where my mind stops racing and the stillness makes room for some much needed peace. Mmmm... that was so good!
And in that quiet of cutting and stamping came a new post at honoring hope- you can read it here.

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  1. Love the silver on linen. I totally know what you mean by feeling like you're in meditation. That's the best place to be when you're creating something new.