Monday, September 16, 2013

leather handles

Prototyping leather handles. Blogged (soon).
My linen and silver circles swirled about for a few days, landing on different surfaces only to be rearranged again and again. I craved the feeling of completion by week's end... I'll improvise again this soon, but I wanted a finished product/project.  I found myself diving into the basket of leather leftovers from my visit to SCRAP in S.F. Mostly they're just long strips that beg to be straps... but perhaps bucket handles would be even better.  I tried some out on a quick bucket and fell in love. It's the perfect little detail to breathe new life into something tried and true.  I angled the tips and reinforced the seam several times. Prototyping leather handles. You will be seeing more little bits of leather peaking into my sewing as I find ways to use it all up. Thinking it's just the right time to start creating wares for the shop again. The holidays aren't that far off if you are a maker. Time to get crackin'! Pin It


  1. This looks like thicker leather. How did it work through your machine? Did you make it fit with just a leather needle? I'm debating myself about sending some softer chamois leather through my 1950s workhorse sewing machine for some baby booties. I think it can handle it. It chugged along without breaking a single needle when a sewed your farmer's market denim bag :)

    1. I actually used a universal needle. It's a medium weight leather, but such a small bit it seemed to work easily. I think you should give it a try... especially since you experienced such success with the market bag. Love hearing that!

  2. I've been thinking about you and your wonderful buckets lately and so it's no surprise that this is what you have been making! ;o)
    ~ joey ~

  3. I like the leather handles. I have some nice hunks of leather that I'd like to fiddle with.

  4. Love the leather! the bucket is adorable. Are those spools peeking out of there? =)