Monday, September 9, 2013

ginger plum sauce

Thanks so much for your plum recipes last week! I found that the fruit needed to ripen on my counter for a few days, and by then my baking time was limited. The original plan of roasting was the direction I chose, and it produced a perfect batch of caramelized plums. I popped out the pits afterwards and threw the whole batch (skins too) into a food processor with a bit of sugar and some grated ginger zest. Super simple!

This produced something akin to applesauce, but with a lighter and fluffier consistency. I froze some, and the rest has been eaten plain, on yogurt, over oatmeal and topped on ice cream.

Hoping this week will afford some baking time because plum cake seems to be a favorite for so many of you! Can't wait to try it! Pin It


  1. Ginger is one of those products that I try to experiment with. I am not a huge fan of sweets so I love grapefruits, limes and ginger. I recently tried pineapple ginger jam and it was delicious. Although I wouldn't recommend experimenting with ginger to those who have a sweet tooth, they might not like it. Thanks a lot for this recipe, I am so trying it@