Thursday, November 29, 2012


This was yesterday, and every day before... hauling wood. We don't have a lot of space for storing our firewood inside, so the walk to the woodshed happens twice a day. For any chore that's done with such regularity, it's important to have the proper tool... and extra nice if it's as pleasurable to use as it is to look at. My new wood carrier is just that, I'm happy to say. I used that old canvas tarp I spoke of here and made it extra sturdy with jute webbing handles that give reinforcement around the entire length. It's a workhorse. A simple pinecone is stenciled on one side  just to give it that little extra something that makes me smile. I didn't create the pattern just for me, I designed it for all wood stove users that might want a fresh and sturdy new carrier for this winter season. It's a very straightforward project that would make a lovely gift, too. Remember I mentioned that I had a few reveals... this is the second. You can find the instructions featured in the brand new issue of Taproot! It's just landing in mailboxes this week, and you can get your own copy or subscription here. I absolutely love this magazine and all the wonderful people that contribute to it, let alone the magnificent editor. She's something amazing, that Amanda Blake Soule. It's hard not to fall in love with this woman who can do almost anything... and does so with such beauty, humor, and integrity. Taproot shares all of those qualities, plus tucks in everything you might be curious about incorporating conscious living into your home for each season.

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  1. Today is the day I pick up the mail for the week and I am hoping to find my copy of Taproot in the stack, it's always a good day when the new issue arrives.
    Love the wood tote and will have to make one for my home, it can definitely be used.

  2. I love your log carrier Maya and know that I need to make one sometime soon.

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