Friday, November 30, 2012

winter stitchin'

Planning to sit right here later today... Can't wait!
I'm having early morning dreams of sitting in this spot later today. In my vision the sun will shine just like when I took this photo, holiday music will be blasting, and a hot cup of tea will be on my right side. Fabric will be sailing through my fingers, and my heart will be singing in the way that happens when inspiration meets a window of time. I think just about all of it is quite tangible... except for the sun part. Snow flurries are in the forecast instead, but you know, that might be just as sweet! Let the holiday sewing commence!
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  1. I like a sewing-kind-of-day! Enjoy your time.

  2. Ooohh, that does sound pretty great! It is pretty dark out there, but sometimes that makes me feel even more cozy inside. Enjoy!

  3. Yes! Holiday sewing indeed! I had a dream about you. It is vague now, but it was totally all about Maya.

  4. Great plan! :-) I love the build up to Christmas so much. The sewing, the elf-ing, the baking...amazing.
    Enjoy your day!