Thursday, October 11, 2012

fabric stories

 Too much going on this week for a lot of words... not the time to go too deep. So how about some lovely fabric! We can all rally around that! This vintage canvas was a fantastic score at a garage sale this summer. It was an old tarp that had been lovingly cared for by a country family and used for generations of farm chores only to find its way into my hands.  I think it was waiting for me! I've cut off sections that aren't stained and worn and thoroughly washed and pressed them to be reinvented into something new. I kind of like the stained parts (looks like clean dirt to me) and might save them for my own crafting or possibly to dye! These are custom zipper pouches that have finally made their way to their new homes. I am stitching slowly these days, or should I say in fits and bursts... but I hope to make some more soon, as this canvas might be some of the most delicious fabric I've worked with. Sturdy, soft, and filled with stories of hard work and seasons passing. It suits this romantic quite well. And takes stamps bea-U-tifully!
 And here is a bit of luna love, custom created for a purple lover. I knew I had an old vintage purple zipper in my stash, and I stitched this pouch around it according to her specs.  Her pouch utilizes an old tarp that once hung in my studio... it's infused with tons of creativity and inspiration. Oodles, I tell you!
That's what I appreciate most about fabric... more than the prints and the patterns, I love the stories woven in. I know... you've heard me say it quite a few times. Wink. Wink.

Be well!
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  1. I always love my visits here Maya, you are amazing and inspiring!

  2. I hope those are headed my direction!!! Yippee! LOVE them. xo

  3. Lovely! I love purple!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. Poetry in words and pictures. Thank you.

  5. I need to take one of your classes one day. I cannot print worth a darn.

    Hoping you are doing well. Think of you often these days.


  6. You have such a gift for finding beauty in things that most others would overlook. I love your gentle approach to everything. I've been reading your blog for a long time and I always enjoy it :)

  7. Your always an inspiration!! Thank you!! <3

  8. I can feel the stories in this decsribe it so perfectly. xo

  9. Maybe this is a dumb question but what kind of ink do you use on fabric with your stamps?



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