Monday, June 20, 2011

good day

Yesterday was just what we all needed!
watkins glen
magic cloud birds
Our Father's Day tradition of walking Watkins Glen  is going on four years now. If you are anywhere nearby, you must give it a try. It's such an incredible hike through stone carved tunnels and underneath waterfalls. We go early to beat the throngs, and always feel as if we've entered a magical wonderland. Strawberry picking is on the way home, so how could we not? The day also began and ended with "hoops and birds"... doesn't get much better. I left my heavier camera behind... Instagram is just the light kind of creative play I'm loving right now. I know not everyone has an iphone, but if you do... so worth checking out! F.U.N. You can find me under the name mayamade (big surprise), but I'll keep trying to upload most of them to twitter so they're available to everyone, and I can easily keep a record of these daily glimpses on my computer. Have a great start to your week! Pin It


  1. Hi Maya. Great photos. I especially like #4 with the cloud that looks like a giant bird soaring high over the field. Joe

  2. I thought that looked an awful lot like watkin's glen! That place is truly so magical.

  3. Joe- The day would have been that much sweeter if you had been with us. Maybe for blueberries? Peaches?xo

  4. Love that photo of the bird cloud!!! Looks like you had a very relaxing weekend. Our strawberry season has just begun ~ ah! the delicious tastes of summer!
    Thanks for sharing your special times with us!
    ~ joey ~

  5. That looks like a fabulous day. I love the bird cloud and the picture of your daughter riding on daddy's shoulders.

  6. Oh Maya, it looks as though you had a blissfull day! I really like the photo of the cloud that looks like a bird - Wow. :)
    And Mmmmm strawberries!!! I hope yours were less expensive than the ones I got on Sunday... $7 for a small tray - fresh picked from the markets (they are out of season here in Aus, so not cheap!)

  7. That big bowl of strawberries has me practically drooling!

  8. can you please tell me how to get instagram photos on your blog? I dont have anywhere to send my photos to (twitter etc) so I have no idea how to get them off my phone :) I havent sent any to facebook because why would I want random photos going to facebook? I think I just dont know how to use this app :)

  9. My first thought was, hey that looks like Watkin's Glen! Such a beautiful place to hike about! I've been loving your blog for awhile...but I guess I didn't realize our proximity!