Tuesday, June 21, 2011

first day

magic on the dock
Happy Summer Solstice friends! And so begins my favorite season of the year. All of my senses are heightened as I take in:
-the riot of colors
-bursts of flavors
-early morning bird songs
-scents of a thousand blossoms
-touching the warm earth with my bare feet and hands
And let's not forget about the swimming. Oh glorious water, how I love you!  I am a summer baby through and through. And what about of those lovely ladies of the lake above and below? The first week of June gave Squam Lake a taste of what was to come... the magic of summer gatherings on and by the water. Sun and water alter time, you know. They work together to slow the hands from turning. Laughter flows easily. We let go.

Dear summer, 
I promise that I won't be completely consumed 
by my exciting projects (*deadlines*)  
and let you pass by without being appreciated and adored.
Maya... Cancer Crab, Moonchild, and lover of the dog days

Will you please welcome summer in with me? I know not everyone loves the heat... and on the other side of the world you may be wrapped in woolens, but if we're singing this season's praises what would they be... to YOU?
ladies of the lake
Goddesses from left to right: Jen, Pixie, Jonatha, Michelle, and little Maya on the dock at Backlog 
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  1. I love the sound of the birds, the smell of the flowers and the warm sand between your toes (and not having to put layer upon layer on just to go outside).

    Loving your blog too.

  2. The sparkling lake looks so beautiful. My Summer loves: the long days and all the delicious fresh fruits and veggies from my garden!

  3. I love having all my kids home, I love that we are not beholden to anyone else's (ie, school's!) schedule, I love that we can choose what to do with our days. I love that we live ten minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, that we will spend our summer getting sandy and salty. Pretty much I think there is no better place to spend summer then right where we are! Lucky me. ;)

  4. Great dock photos! I too love summer, being with family and friends, taking time to eat together, celebrate warm weather and swimming days!

  5. juicy strawberries, scent of roses, sand between my toes, camping, fresh fruits and vegetables, long evenings, the smell of freshly cut grass

  6. i love times with good friends on an old dock, riding the tractor, tending to the gardens, cooking out and bird watching on the back patio, riding my bike,
    getting sweaty and muddy, setting gardenias in bowls around the house so each room smells like a jungle heaven... oh, and fireflies. cant forget those ! ***love this photo!!!!!****xo

  7. Happy Summer Solstice everyone!
    A short summary of what I love about the season! http://madebyjoey.blogspot.com/
    ~ joey ~

  8. Summer for me is all about abundant sunshine and fresh-picked tomatoes still warm from the garden. Mmmmm. . . drooling on the keyboard. . .

  9. waking to meadowlark songs & robin chirrups, fresh-mown hay, an afternoon iced coffee and a good book in my lawn chair, nights on the front porch visiting, flowers, water

    Happy Summer!

  10. Oh summer! What a complicated relationship I have with you. There is nothing better than your fresh fruits and vegetables, getting out of the shower without being cold, sleeping with no covers, wearing a skirt all the time, being barefoot, going to BBQs, but oh how I cannot stand when you get too hot. This year though, I will try to embrace the heat. I'm thinking cool drinks, and a sprinkler will help.

    Thanks for making me think about it Maya! Happy Solstice.

  11. I don't do well in the heat, but summer does it's very best to make it up to me: iced tea with lemon verbena, fresh basil, lavender, long days, and tomatoes... oh, the tomatoes!

  12. Hands stained from picking fresh berries, lemonade, shrimp & crab ceviche, the smell of rose blossoms, sand castles, fireworks, carne asada and grilled corn on the cob.

  13. Swimming, laughing kids and warm, calm waters.

  14. I love the delicious summer fruits and the beach. The sparkling lake looks so beautiful.

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  15. Everybody at home, camping, eating, swimming, reading, making. Leafy shadow, scent of the sun, of flowers and the grass. Balmy evenings when stillness creeps in. Quiet and laughter and rain on the tent.
    I love love love summer.

  16. Youthful indiscretions on beaches and lakes have taken their toll on my skin, so my beach basking days are behind me. Totally worth it, though. So my favorite summer hours now are early ones--up at 5 and by 6 waking the sun as I walk miles and miles by the shore wrapped in a linen shirt and with my big sun hat on. Yeah, I'm THAT middle aged woman, and it, too, is wonderful.

  17. Then followed that beautiful season... Summer....
    Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light;
    and the landscape lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood."
    ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    my dear friend pixie suggested i stop by & as you know, she's a wise woman indeed ;) ... loving these photos of that magical place, i sure will miss it this year!

    mmm...summer days are here...enjoy!

  18. I *love* those photos! I am pining for summer - Minneapolis has been rainy for weeks. Hopefully swimming soon!

  19. My birthday is the first week in August, so I've always been a summer girl myself, Maya.

    I love the smell of evening rain on the sidewalk. It's the smell of summer to me.

    Running through sprinklers.

    Sand between my toes.

    The advent of summer always makes me feel like a kid. This year I'm enjoying introducing it all to my son, who is a fall baby but seems to love the summer, too.

  20. We don't get a lot of summer here in Newfoundland, and everyone loves to complain about that until we do get some sunny hotness, then everyone complains about how hot it is. But, while fall is my favorite, this is what I love about summer here: the cold rains of June as the icebergs pass and the whales chase the caplin ashore; the 2 nice days we get in June when EVERYBODY breaks out the shorts and flip flops and ghostly white flesh, even when it's only 10 deg Celsius. The gorgeous sunny days in July and August when the sea salt air smells of cut grass and lupins and sunscreen and bbq; fresh seafood (right out of the water) on the bbq with icy lemonade and sticky popsicles for dessert; the smell of drying swim clothes hanging on door knobs without the smell of chlorine from the pool; bonfires on the beach, huge pots of mussels and lobsters on the boil, smores and hot dogs cooked on a stick - first one to drop their hot dog in the fire has to hike back to the car to get the blankets and sweaters for later when the fire dies down and it gets chilly. You know what, I think I may like summer best after all.

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  22. I like the green, the warm wind, bare skin, open windows. Love those photos, Maya. Let's embrace summer together.

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