Friday, June 24, 2011

Create With Me

create w me
Stampington has a brand new publication focused on parent/child creative collaborations: Create With Me. It arrived in my mailbox yesterday... and I'm not the only one curious to check out what's inside. cwm 1
Doesn't that look familiar? My daughter's 6th cat birthday party is featured... even announces it on the cover. So exciting! I think what's so special about highlighting this particular party is how low-glitz it was.
There are so many gorgeous and fancy kid's parties these days...
and as inspiring as they are, I find them to be somewhat unattainable in the reality of everyday life and most family's budgets. I'm honored that our extremely successful, but quite humble handmade party, has been recognized this way. Big thanks to editor: Amber Demien! And a big hand to all of my daughter's wonderful "cat" friends that made the day so special. One of the best parts of her birthday has lived on and is now framed in her room. She had worked so hard on (and been so proud of) her cat portrait for Pin the Hat on the Cat, that we saved it.
cat portrait collaboration
To honor it, we cut it out and mounted it to a painted canvas. A mini bunting was added that I snipped out from the my very original newspaper bunting. Her birthday cat now lives on the wall across from her bed. It's the first thing my daughter  sees when she gets up in the morning.
And remember this Valentine Stamp that she made? It's in this issue also!
cwm stamps
As you can imagine, my daughter's feeling mighty happy! Me too.  I've never seen her so interested in an art magazine... we poured over the pages together.
Yay, there's our friend Jennifer Casa who has two girls the same age as mine!
Create With Me should be hitting the stands at any moment. Go take a peek!
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  1. Congratulations Maya! Your daughter must be so excited—you too of course! I'm sure that magazine will be a hit. It's been sorely needed.

  2. wow, she must just be thrilled! I can't wait to check out this magazine!

  3. Exciting and inspiring!
    Congratulations on such a special opportunity to share what was a clearly already a very special day.

  4. How fun! I couldn't imagine seeing my own work (or my daughter's) in an art magazine. Congratulations!

  5. That looks totally fun - you two are so clever together!!! Well done and I hope you are enjoying some summer weather!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

  6. Hooray!
    She's a chip off the old block.

  7. Wow, I'm going to look for that magazine, it looks really good! Congratulations to both of you for your magazine contributions! Not many are published at such a young age!
    Great job and so inspiring!
    ~ joey ~

  8. It looks amazing!!!! Congratulations :)

  9. How wonderful!!! I have been a huge fan of you and your blog for a long time. As a matter of fact you gave some advice last year when I started my little blog world....You deserve it congratulations!

  10. OK, I ordered this mag along with the newest issue of Stuffed. When they arrived, I felt guilty at the decadence of my purchase and put them away to open for Christmas (how I justify most of my non-essential purchases--Santa brought them), I was going to be OK with the wait...but now I'm soooo curious. I'm not gonna make it...I know it.

    Congratulations on being featured. Your daughter's birthday looked wonderful. I love handmade parties...but I'm not brave enough to do them at my house.

  11. I just saw the magazine yesterday at Barnes and Nobles and I enjoyed your article (which led me to find your blog). Congratulations being featured!


  12. I've never seen this magazine before. I will definitely be looking for it!! Thanks.

  13. Congratulations to both of you! The "making" genes definitely run in your family. It looks like a great magazine.

  14. maya--wonderful stuff! living in NY in a two income family neighborhood-we decided to go a different route and i stayed home--all my kids parties were in the house and full of crafts-instead of bags filled with candy we gave glue guns and ribbon and crafty things as goody bags! The kids really loved it and so did I. Only once did we have some disappointment-we had a circus theme and i hid beanie baby animals around the house--at one point I snuck out ,changed into a clown suit and came back with a box painted like a cage to ask for help finding my animals that escaped from the circus---well i quickly exited while my friends and husband tried to calm the 3 year olds fears--no more clowns! I knew i felt comfortable in your class and now i see another reason why!

  15. this looks amazing maya! congrats! when i go visit my sister in the states this september i will get myself a copy of that mag!

  16. Congratulations Maya! Your daughter must be so excited. The kids really loved it and so did I. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Congrats!! Especially for your daughter. She must be super excited to see her work in there! I'm sure you are of course!


  18. Another amazing publication to explore! I am off to subscribe to this one, looks too good not to.