Saturday, June 18, 2011

you are so good

Writing yesterday's post generated some healing, but the multiple phone conversations with my grandfather that followed it brought me right back to that hard place. I might have stayed there in darkness, but so many of you came to my side.  Reading and rereading your respectful, poignant and sensitive comments and stories helped shift things so much. I can't thank you enough for your support and courage to share. Pretty amazing what power we women have... even virtually. So, I went to bed with a bit more ease, and when I came downstairs in the morning this is the vision that greeted me.
June morning- out the back door
I'm a bit spoiled... my back door view looks this sweet most summer mornings. However, today I saw it a bit more clearly, and viewed it as a sign that life was looking brighter  And it was. We honored my grandfather's memories by DOING them. It wasn't hard. The way that I celebrate summer with my family is based on my childhood vacations with my grandparents. We ate freshly picked peas for breakfast's first course (in honor of his abundant gardens). The badminton net was set up beneath the Walnut tree, just like the one under their maple every summer. Afternoon brought swimming, and I wove the tale of how I first learned to swim. Yes, that grandfather of mine taught me to swim... in the 7 ft deep pool he built by himself out of cement blocks. I've told you this one, right? He took the styrofoam insert that had come with a television and cut out a circle in the middle for me. I was six. It became my incredibly shrinking life preserver, as every day he cut off another chunk. One day there was only a small piece to hold onto, and I just began swimming. He swam with me every day right before lunch. He'd be hot and tired from working in the garden, I'd be happy and excited to have a someone watch me jump in over and over again. It was only ever a quick dip before my grandmother called to say sandwiches were ready... but it was my favorite part of the day.

Anyways, today felt easier and I thank you for listening... for indulging me. Unless you're a cat, birthdays tend to be full of emotions, whether they're our own or the ones we love.
hickory's 8th birthday
And yes, Hickory and my grandfather were both born on June 17th. He looks a little sad and pensive here, but really he seemed to have a fabulous day (caught a mouse to boot!)

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  1. What wonderful, wonderful memories - thank you for sharing. You made it feel like it was almost summer here for a moment ;) What a special man and idyllic childhood! Love your view by the way :)

  2. What perfect ways to celebrate your childhood memories of your grandfather! I'm glad our comments were able to help you!
    And Happy Birthday to Hickory!
    ~ joey ~
    ps. And thank you too for I'm looking forward to lunch with my Gran on Tuesday, I wonder what memories we'll talk about?!

  3. Goodmorning Maya,
    I love you're beautiful garden-vieuw.
    It's almost a dream-never seen it here. You are blessed with that & with all you're childhoodmemories. It's almost magic to read them. Because they are special. Wishing you a great sunday with heart&soul from Sil.

  4. Thank you for sharing these childhood memories. I like that your childhood is so directly shaping your children's memories. it is such memories that make us the people we are as adults.

  5. You've created a lovely place, both real and virtual, that is warm and welcoming. One that reminds me of what's important in this life. Memories, connections, imagination, family. Thank YOU!

  6. Hello Maya,
    Thanks for sharing all of these amazing photos! Watkins Glen State Park looks like the perfect place to carry on a family Father’s Day tradition. Have fun with your iphone.
    Smiles, Paula