Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Frosty Nectars

frosty nectars
Every circus needs treats... something special that transcends the ordinary with hints of wild and magic. Annekata and I each have a recipe that fits that description to a T!  Today, I'm delighted to show you how to make these pretty little cones filled with light and fluffy mounds of  frozen tropical nectars, bound to be asked for again and again! Shaved ices are popular all over the world with their ability to refresh with each sweet and delicate bite. All you need is fruit juice, a fork,  pan and a freezer.  So easy to make, plus there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to have a turn scraping the ice (perfect for having little assistants)! Use store-bought  tropical fruits "nectars" or have fun creating your own flavors by pureeing juicy, fresh fruit in season.
Today's featured flavors:  Mango & Watermelon/Lime


Mango- one bottle of mango nectar… that’s it! (if you live near a Wegman's, their Organic Mango Nectar is perfect.)
Watermelon/Lime- puree chunks of seedless watermelon with the juice of one lime and a dash of maple syrup in a blender.  Skim off any excess foam.

  1. Pour liquid into a shallow, rectangular cake pan. Use a different pan for each flavor
  2. Place in freezer.
  3. Scrape the tines of a fork through the mixture approximately every 30 minutes to keep the newly forming ice crystals loose. This is the secret to the fluffy, light texture of these simple little ices.
  4. Continue scraping regularly until all liquid is completely frozen. The time will vary, but should take approximately 4 hours. 
scrapin' frosty nectars
  Adorn each serving with pretty little toppers such as:
  • edible flowers
  • thin slices of fresh citrus
  • sprigs of mint
  • tiny paper parasols

 Frosty Nectars can be eaten without utensils if served in paper cones. Perfect for a crowd in the backyard! Doilies (lined with a little wax paper) look especially lovely.  See previous post for complete instructions. 
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    1. What a BRILLIANT way to make slush. My four year old will love to be the stir-er every 30 minutes. I can't wait to try this.

    2. We just bought some peach nectar to make Bellinis. Shaved ice Bellinis will be awesome!!!!!!

    3. They look so pretty - perfect for a hot, sticky day when tempers are uneven!

    4. I'm freezing cold in Sydney right now and STILL I want to eat one of these. You are so clever.

    5. Maya I missed this entire circus theme during the dog days of July! It's really fun!