Friday, August 14, 2009


Hi friends! I really thought I'd be back sooner, but life has been full... really full! Happy full! Fresh picked peaches full! Swimming full! Grandma at the barn full! And even some behind the scenes projects full... (more on that, someday!) But, I'm popping in super fast... because I missed you all more than you can know, truly! I just wanted to wish you a fantastic weekend! I might even try to drop in if I get a chance. My mom and I are getting ready for this amazing adventure. I'll be sure to share it with you when we return.

I want to give a belated and very special thanks to Jen, of Indie Fixx, for including me in her top 5 home decor sources over at Craftzine this week. That was a super fun surprise!

I also owe Betz a big hug for using my bucket pattern to highlight some of her new, gorgeous organic fabric in its big launch. I can't tell you how good that felt. Thank you, Betz!
Love to all of you! Pin It


  1. Can only imagine the inspiration and goodies that will be showing up around here and at the barn after your adventure!

  2. Love the smell of fresh peaches...Sounds like an amazing time..:)

  3. Your stuff is great so you deserve to be full of pride for it!

  4. Thanks for popping in and bringing those luscious PEACHES with you! (When is the internet going to have the ability to download smells???)

  5. So extremely jealous of your weekend adventure. May you find functional furniture galore.