Tuesday, April 1, 2008

dottie the elephant

My little contest elephant got so much attention that I decided to make another. In fact, I'm going to start an entire elephant "line-up". I'll be using all of my favorite fabric from my stash, which is predominantly re-used and vintage. This cuddly, polka dot friend was originally a towel. She's so happy to be re-invented! My daughter is the very appreciative recipient of this Elelphant #2. I'm just getting warmed up...I feel an Etsy site around the corner... Pin It


  1. Maya--The elephant shape, the fabric, that cute tail--they all work together so well! I love it, and I'd like to put my order in for a whole family of them. Wouldn't they look cute with their tails tied together all in a row? And I MUST have polka dots!

  2. Dottie is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to buy a couple....and yes with polka dots of course....I am 8 months pregnant decorating the nursery with elephants. Please let me know if you are willing to take orders. Thanks Nicole

  3. Hi Runesha,
    Thanks so much for appreciating Dottie. She would be perfect for a newborn! I'm thrilled you'd like to include her in your nursery. I haven't begun my Etsy site...I guess I'd better get on that immediately! I'd be happy to take an order and can make Mama and coordinating baby elephants, as well. Please contact me at mayaluna@yahoo.com and we can talk details.