Saturday, April 5, 2008

sew green gallery opening

Last night was the opening night of the Sew Green's Green T Gallery, featuring all of the winning entries from the contest and a handful of other inspiring re-purposed pieces. Only recycled cotton, primarily t-shirts and jeans were used. The amazing amount of ingenuity that went into everything displayed blew me away: intricate hooked rugs(from cotton scraps), giant pot-holder like mats(using t-shirt loops), capes, dog coats, and re-fashioned t-shirts in every shape and size. Here are a couple pictures. Unfortunately, I have a brand new camera and I'm still figuring it out.

This is Laci's play mat and cool little bag-belt...I want one!

These next ones were created by middle school students. The diamonds are individual pieces of t-shirts sewn together!

And my favorite, the winning entry in the teen category.... Orange Bug Hoodie with designer, Pat of Zen Crafting and her muse, daughter Katherine.

The gallery was packed during the first few hours and continued to have a good sized crowd for the entire duration. My sweet family was right there with me... what an exciting night! I think it might never sink in that I won...there were so many worthy "winners". It's all a bit surreal. Pin It

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