Wednesday, December 5, 2012

by the chimney with care...

 Yup- it's me again. wink. wink. More videos for you! Your reception to my trailer was so monumental for my spirit! Blowing you all a kiss right now! For every comment so far, I've responded here.

It was fascinating to read what it was like for you to hear my voice. I've felt all along that we were having a conversation... but perhaps we just crossed the threshold to an even deeper connection. This is always my wish in every relationship I forge. So, of course, I want that for us as well. Here's to CONNECTING wherever we may be.

So, let's talk stockings! I've made several of these coffee sack beauties every year for my etsy shop. They sell quickly, and I never have time to make more. Therefore, it seemed like the perfect project to teach you how to make with Creativebug this December. It's a great way to learn how to work with burlap and performs one of my favorite magic tricks... transforming an old sack into something "earthy and sophisticated". The template is provided and was based on the same stockings my mother made when I was girl. My daughter now has mine! I like a stocking that can hold a decent amount and doesn't hijack your hand every time you reach in. This one holds a pound of coffee perfectly.Why not use it as a gift bag for your favorite coffee lover? Add a bag of beans and a sturdy mug (or mason jar and cuppow!)... and you're sure to make someone very happy! You can visit the intro to the Burlap Christmas Stocking workshop right here.

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  1. i was finally able to watch the intro to creative bug and like everyone, i loved it. so nice to hear your voice and the message behind your projects. i'm looking forward to working with burlap and trying your projects.
    thank you so much for sharing!