Monday, November 26, 2012

holiday burlap bunting!

I hope your weekend was filled with love. I spent a couple of unhurried  days in the New Hampshire woods with some of the most important people in my life: my grandparents and aunt & uncle.  It was the perfect respite in between all that has been... and what is now before me in this new year. I'm stepping back into my own shoes to be who I am meant to be. That has meant working super hard behind the scenes to nurture some creative projects and a few dreams for maya*made... and finally a couple are ready (or almost ready) to be revealed.

 Let's begin with today's totally exciting announcement, shall we?
My first video workshop with Creativebug just launched, and it's a gift... that means it's FREE, folks! I can't tell you how awesome it feels to offer you my Burlap Bunting as a present! It's such nice way to thank you for your friendship and support... and to get you all making one of my favorite ways to express your favorite word or display a holiday message.

In this workshop I demonstrate exactly how I print and stitch burlap "flags" and take you through a bit of coffee sack deconstruction 101. There's also a great bonus... my brand new variation with numbered pockets. They make such a great little count-down/advent calendar ready to be filled with treats or love notes. Every year I'm inspired by the count-down calendar season, and it's so fun to have a fresh one to share, once again. 

So, grab a cup of tea and head over to my kitchen (seriously!) for the introduction right here. Then come visit the amazing San Francisco Creativebug studio, where the brilliant Courtney Cerruti designed a set just for my workshops! You can do so and view the entire class, from start to finish, by joining Creativebug on this page. Choose the free option or buy a subscription and have access to a huge array of phenomenal classes with a cast of superstar instructors (still pinching myself that I'm one of them!!). You're sure to have all the inspiration and how-to's needed for *handmaking* your way through the holidays... and beyond! 

 I can't say enough about how much I love EVERYONE at Creativebug. Love! I know I sound a bit over the top and even slipping into "infomercially" with my "join now"gushing, but seriously these folks are IT! They're revolutionizing the creative world and giving everyone all over the planet access to such beautiful and well-crafted videos. I'm delighted to be a part of something so GOOD! The integrity, effort and thought that they put into everything they do is tangible. You can also feel how much they honor the spirit and soul of every instructor, by celebrating them with exceptional trailers that tell such intimate stories about these lovely makers.  I'm a bit nervous/excited/butterflies to see mine someday.

So let's get cutting, sewing, and printing... 'cuz it's that time of the year!
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  1. Very exciting... I love to see how doors open. So neat.
    I'm off to the links.

  2. I love this project! We made your toilet paper tube calendar the last couple of years, and were thinking of trying something new this year. A coffee roaster just opened near us, and I think I can get a burlap bag or two, so this is perfect!!

    Thank you for the gift:-)

  3. What a beautiful way to start a Monday morning, I can't wait to watch. Thank you for always inspiring me, I need it! :)

  4. Well done, my friend, I'm so proud of you ! And was so excited to hear your voice !!

  5. So funny I was just thinking about your Advent Calendar tradition today and wondering if you'd feel like it this year! So glad you did. Congratulations on being part of Creative Bug!

  6. How exciting! I will definitely be checking out your video and spending some time on Creative Bug. I'm glad to know about it. It's a site I haven't explored yet.

  7. Thank you - I do plan on making this project and so love Creativebug that I'm asking for a subscription for Christmas !

    Very lovely to see you in the videos. You seem just as I imagine from reading your blog, gentle Maya. The instructions are so clear - can't wait to get started and work on burlap for the first time.

  8. Hi Maya, I hadn't visited your blog in a little while but it seems that you are truly claiming back happiness these days! I am inspired by your journey and your bravery. Thank you for sharing, as always.

  9. Congrats Maya. Love the video, so well done! Very happy for you to be part of creativebug. And they are lucky to have YOU!