Saturday, December 10, 2011

(green) handmade holiday round-up

handmade holiday round-up
I'm bringing out some visual cues to remind you (and me!) of projects and traditions from winter's past. A good idea is a wonderful thing to recycle. Below are some of my favorites from last year:
spicy chocolate bark
recipe found here
simple gifts: diy wristies (loose option)
tutorial found here

oat floats
how to found here
diy: frilled pencils
diy frilled pencils
And here are a plethora of good ones from deeper in the archives!
Above your find some simple decor for setting the scene. Links are from left to right.
Row 1: burlap forest, snow covered pine cones, cranberry wreath
Row 2: rag wreath, newspaper snowflake garland, batting scrap wreath ornament

The following are links for simple gifts you still have plenty of time to make. Once again from left to right.
Row 1:  elf slippers, card holders, milk carton cookie houses
Row 2:  napkin rings and other security paper ideas, gift bag/boxes, leather leaf cuff
Row 3:  wrapping ideas, child's travel pillow, paper whites
Row 4:  love letter pillow, travel felt board, envelope purses
Row 5: quick personalized stationery, memory game, last minute treat bags

Happy making and joyful giving to you all!
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  1. So did you stop for a moment and say "Whoa, I did all that!" after you put this round up together? Happy weekend. I hope you are doing something fun!

  2. A great bunch of ideas. Your ideas sure help when you need something special and want to have it be handmade.

  3. The links for the tutorials don't seem to be working...

  4. Thanks Cinnamon and Marti!
    and a thank you for letting me know that two of the links weren't working. They're repaired now!

  5. So many yummy and sweet treats! Good ideas indeed. :)

  6. GREAT ideas! Maybe I will do something like that? :-) Thanks for inspiration!

  7. These all look amazing. My plan is to try some at the end of this coming week as a reward for getting everything holiday related finished!

  8. I just love seeing a collection of all your great ideas!
    I've been busy making up gifts, I'm just don't seem to be organized enough to photograph and blog about them! ;o)
    Can you teach me some of your time management secrets one day!?
    ~ joey ~

  9. Joey- I have barely made a dent on this year's list, and I so know what you mean about photographing projects in December. I'm often making them right up to the moment I walk out the door.... snipping threads as I go! Luckily I have taken a few pics over the years... so this round-up wasn't too time consuming. I certainly am not an expert on time management by any means!xx

  10. i'm impressed and jealous! {my advent calendar didn't get made in time...}
    maya, i've nominated you for the versatile blogger award here :