Monday, November 2, 2015

thankful leaf hearts

 I love the beginning of November! The doorway to the holiday season opens, and it's like an old friend welcoming you into a cozy home filled with the scents of soup on the stove and pie in the oven. Decorating with nature is at its peak, as I forage for as much as I can find on the forest floor before it's covered in snow.  I gather up my dried leaves, line up my squash and pumpkins and scatter pinecones and acorns everywhere. Maybe I was a squirrel in another life!

My latest bit of creative fun began with a sharpie pen and then incorporated a heart punch and a few pressed maple leaves.
 I think "thankful leaves and leaf hearts" will be tucked into every corner of my house this month!

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  1. Lovely idea. I'm going to take my kiddos for a walk this afternoon to collect leaves and pine cones.