Monday, October 26, 2015

monday inspiration

During the weekends a good sleep-in is always welcome, but when Monday arrives- I love the hush of waking before daybreak and watching the sun come up. My back meadow is beautiful, but nothing beats the ocean rises I had this time last year at Serendipty, so that pic is for you as much as it is for me! Wherever you begin your day, these Morning Mantras are a really great practice.

And here are some other great links and ideas that have inspired me recently:

  • I'm still on a low to no gluten diet, but sometimes I dream of baking bread again- this is a version of two of my favorite recipes combined. Amylou's Lazy Bread
  • Cal pointed me to this video knowing I'd LOOOOVE it. You will too!

  • I've been gathering up some wish jars to give as gifts to friends that might need a little extra magic in their life. If there is milkweed in your area, this is a fun project for any age- to give or to receive!

  •  I'm discovering so much about this wonderful plant- I loved learning about all of its edible properties, too. Read this!
Have a wonderful start to your week!

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  1. This post is just full of great stuff. My daughter and I are hoping to take a trip to the east coast in a few years. It seems like such a huge dream I have had for so long. Oh how I wish to see the sun rise over the ocean instead of set, as lovely as that is. Maybe I should run out and get some milkweed and send some wishes out into the world.