Thursday, October 22, 2015

milkweed and fairy weaving

 Milkweed grows rampant in the field on the southern side of our house. It's a fall tradition to collect their pods and blow the seeds out into the field. We make wishes, dandelion style, as they float through the air. I took one home and really examined the seeds.  They reminded me of tiny dancers… or little fairies with silk limbs.
Silk… threads…fiber… this inspired me to pick up a needle and some silver floss.
And experiment. And improvise. What would a fairy use for a loom? Perhaps a milkweed pod!
This was my first attempt… as inspiration struck, but there is an entire field to forage for more pods. 

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  1. That brings wonderful memories of childhood and making Christmas ornaments. Also a mobile with various trinkets from squirrels to acorns and leaves and feathers and ...

    I just love nature and all it provides.

  2. We also used the milkweed pods to make Christmas ornaments. We painted them with gold spray paint, added a string to one end to hang them, and glued in a small store bought Christmas item. The picture you took of the seeds all stuck together reminded me of an owls feathers. I like what you did with the silver floss.

  3. I have jars and bags of pods and seeds, I love them so! And, look at your dancing fairies! Oh my, I love it!!!