Monday, September 14, 2015

weekend wonders

This weekend was so wonderful!
There was a celebration so sweet and good at my favorite space. 
There were flowers in vases and fields.
There was both sunshine and cozy rainy days.
There was chicken sitting for newlyweds.
There was a collaged outhouse lovely enough to photograph (yes, that's right!)
There was yoga on horseback.
There were popovers with homemade jam on repeat.
And even some sewing!
The week ahead is busy and filled with the usual dose of unknowns we all share. I can guarantee that it's not all going to be flowers and popovers, so I'm grateful that I've been filled to the brim. Have a great start to your week, as well! Maybe there will even be popovers in your week?! Tried and true recipe here.

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