Thursday, September 10, 2015

circle skirt

There's always some excitement about what to wear on the first day back to school. For my daughter, at least. It was really about planning and anticipating the return to routine more than fashion when she was little,  but that seems to have shifted as she's grown. There was a very specific idea for this year. She is certainly not opposed to store bought clothes, but she didn't want to walk into class looking like anyone other than herself. In her words "In 5th grade, I want to be unique." Well, ok then. Anyone who is familiar with preteen girls knows that just thinking that way is unique in itself. Since she's turned into quite the seamstress, a hand-made wardrobe was a great way to have a one of a kind outfit for yesterday's return to school. This was here idea! Wahoo!
My daughter's BFF is a constant sewing inspiration, and has even begun designing her own patterns. This pillow case top and circle skirt are both based on her very own patterns- so she deserves a lot of credit. I helped- but not much.
The skirt is rather ingenious… it's a donut folded in half. The center becomes the curved waist, attached by a button. A little bias tape helps finish it, but the bottom hem is left raw. It's double layered and cut on the bias so all that's needed are to pull a few loose threads. Shorts or leggings are necessary underneath since it's a wrap style. I can see trying this in my size too. Linen has an especially nice drape, but she also made one in jersey. 
Hope your return to September routines is running smoothly!
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  1. The skirt is so cute! 😍

  2. Smart young lady, but she takes after here mama ! oxox

  3. Do you not LOVE those 5th graders? Awesome daughter you have.